“The Foundations plan, “Great Expectations”, is to make sure that all students at Erie High School have a post high school plan of further and continuing education early in their high school career.“ This plan, be it, College or University, trade school, military, internship or apprenticeship will be in place, with appropriate classes, for these students to achieve these goals.  

The Foundation will pair up students with volunteer parents other than their own, who will help track and plan the student’s curriculum to get maximum educational benefit for the students desired career field or interests. The Foundation will put into action a “Mentors” program of local business professionals, owners, tradesmen and corporation professionals to assist the Foundation in helping select the recommended and appropriate academic route in which to guide these students as well as mentor these students along their way if thinking of following a particular career path.  

The Foundation will attain the direct help and advice of colleges, university’s, trade schools and internship programs of what they require academically for entrance into the particular schools, programs or fields. As well as acting as part of our “Mentors” program.Now You’re Talking! I Want to Help, Can I Get Involved!It’s easy. Just fill out one of our volunteer forms and give it to one of our board members, hand it in at the front office or mail it in.

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