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Erie HS Education Foundation Honors Local Disabled Veterans

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Erie, Colorado, November 2021 - The Erie High School Education Foundation (EHSEF) has found a very special way to thank and honor the Veterans in the Erie community, and the timing of this announcement could not be more apropos with Veteran’s Day on November 11th. The EHSEF has created a dedicated scholarship that will be awarded to a student of a disabled Veteran. This is the third year the EHSEF has created a scholarship of this kind and is delighted to make this available for an Erie High School student graduating in 2022. To qualify the student must be a graduating senior at Erie High School and have a disabled parent or legal guardian who is a Veteran of any branch of our US Military.

The purpose of the Erie High School Education Foundation Scholarship is to help current Erie High School seniors and alumni successfully achieve their dreams of a post-secondary education and a better life. EHSEF recognizes that some students face unique challenges, and we consider not only where students are currently in their academic achievements, but what they have overcome. Their Mission is to support students, staff, and alumni of Erie High School.

In March of 2021 the EHSEF distributed 35 scholarships to 22 Erie High School students and alumni totaling $64,000.00. The Foundation has a goal of raising $75,000 dollars for the 2022 scholarship year. The scholarships are made possible wholly from donors and sponsors giving directly to the EHSEF.

“We are grateful to all who donated in 2021 and for the many who have donated for the past 14 years since the foundation has been in existence. We have followed up with students over the years and are always touched to hear how the EHSEF scholarship has made a positive impact in the recipients’ lives,” stated Dave Sullivan, President of the EHSEF Board of Directors.

The EHSEF will be opening their applications for scholarships on December 1, 2021 and announcing the recipients in April 2022. The winners will be honored at a dinner hosted by the EHSED and the sponsors in the late spring. The EHSEF scholarship review process is very competitive, but the EHSEF encourages all seniors to apply. There are scholarships for college as well as trade school. The student will submit an application form along with a personal essay pertaining to the specified prompt for the individual scholarships. Students may apply for more than one scholarship and are often awarded multiple scholarships since all names are redacted during the review process. Look for the application form on our website on December 1, 2021.

Interested in donating to the Erie High School Education Foundation or leaning more about the past winners, donors, and scholarships available please visit our website at

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