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2021 EHS Ed Foundation Scholarship Open for Applications

As of December 1st the application for the scholarships from the Erie High School Education Foundation are open and available for submission. The deadline for submission is March 1st, 2021 for this year's scholarships.

There are a number of different scholarships students may apply to and students may apply for more than one type of scholarship.

The Erie High School Education Foundation Scholarship:

These scholarships are for graduating seniors from the class of 2021 at Erie High School. You'll need to tell us about your education and career goals and your unique personal characteristics that will move you toward your goals in a 1-2 page typed essay.

Alumni Scholarship:

EHS graduates from prior to 2021 are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. In a 1-2 page typed essay, you'll need to tell us if you are currently studying in school and what your plan is. We want to know what progress you've made toward your goal and the personal experiences and characteristics and the role that drive and determination have contributed to obtaining your dreams.

Lifetime Erie Student Scholarship:

Students who have been in the Erie Feeder for grades 1 through 12 are eligible for this scholarship. In a 1-2 page typed essay you'll tell us how being an "Erie Lifetimer" has affected your life.

Tradesman Scholarship:

Graduating EHS students interested in pursuing training in a skilled trade working with their hands (mechanic, electrician, carpenter, welder, machinist, mason, pipefitter, cabinetmaker, jeweler, plumber, blacksmith, gunsmith, painter, barber/beautician, to name a few). In a 1-2 page essay, you'll tell us why you've chosen this field and your plans for the future.

Child of a Disabled American Veteran:

This scholarship is available to EHS seniors or alumni whose parent is a Disable American Veteran. You'll tell us in a 1-2 page essay about your plans for the future for education and career goals.

We look forward to the difficult decisions we have to make about scholarship recipients but we can't consider you unless you apply! Apply now, the deadline is March 1st, 2021.

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