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2019 EHS Ed Foundation Scholarships Awarded!

Updated: May 28, 2019

Erie High School Seniors will graduate on Saturday, May 25th, 2019 at 10am.

A record number of applications were turned in to the Erie High School Education Foundation for scholarships this year. Applicants ranged from senior students graduating this year to students continuing their education in college or graduate school. EHS Ed Foundation raised a record amount of money to contribute to student scholarships this year. $64,000 in scholarships were given to 21 students this year.

The EHS Ed Foundation wants to thank all of the applicants for making this the deepest and most deserving pool of candidates. Congratulations to all scholarship recipients. The graduating seniors will be celebrated at Senior Night of Reflection and all recipients will be awarded their scholarships at a formal dinner in June. Thank you to all of our sponsors and community partners for their hard work in raising this money for our students.

Flori Amaya-Garcia: $6000 ($1500 from Erie UpLink and $4500 from Erie Lifetimers Scholarship)

Grant Otto: $5000 (Oakwood Homes sponsorship)

Emmalee Fischer: $5000 (Waste Connections sponsorship)

Miranda Lorenzo: $4500 ($2000 from Elma and Harold Conroe, $2000 from Erie Ed Foundation)

Patrick Cummings: $4000 ($2000 from Elma and Harold Conroe, $2000 from Erie Ed Foundation)

Hannah Kurz: $4000 ($1000 from Calvary Bible Church, $2500 from Erie Lifetimers Scholarship, and $500 from Erie Ed Foundation)

Ethan Johnson: $3500 ($2000 Caraway Orthodontics sponsorship, $1500 from Erie Ed Foundation

Grace Cloud: $3500 ($1500 Meador's Masters sponsorship, $500 from Erie UpLink, and $1500 from Erie Ed Foundation

Rae Bellows: $3000 (Waste Connections sponsorship)

Olivia Stecina: $3000 ($1000 Lorraine David Scholarship, $2000 from Erie Ed Foundation)

Kate Knudsen: $2500 Erie Ed Foundation

Jordan Bardwell: $2500 ($1000 Germany Law - Overcoming Extreme Circumstances sponsorship, $1500 from Erie Seniors)

Tayelor Holdren: $2000 Tradesman Scholarship

Alicia Cardenas-Mitrovic: $2000 ($1500 Erie UpLink, $500 Erie Ed Foundation)

Sydney Crites: $1500 Erie Ed Foundation

Madelyn Deakin: $1500 Erie Ed Foundation

Witt Unruh: $1500 Erie Ed Foundation

Renee Gagne: $3000 EHS Alumni

Nicole Hulet: $3000 EHS Alumni

Cole Knudsen: $1500 EHS Alumni

Cameron McCurry: $1500 EHS Alumni

Total of Awarded Scholarships: $64,000

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